Director Beanstalk Books

Beanstalk Books is a publishing company that specialises in decodable books. The company was founded by children’s author and co-founder of Junior Learning, Anna Kirschberg.

After 10 years of developing phonics based resources and books, Anna has created a trusted brand of decodable books that deliver transformative reading experiences worldwide. Anna has used her expertise in phonics based instruction and has set about developing purely decodable reading books around a phonics sequence, for young children and older, struggling readers.

Beanstalk Books decodable readers are built on the principles of the science of reading and supports the worldwide movement of evidence based reading instruction.

Demand from parents and teachers alike has been high and the decodable range has extended to over 350 titles in just the last few years. Beanstalk Books decodable readers build reading confidence and reading success for all children learning to read.