Sound Families Long Vowels Non-Fiction Phase 5.5 - 6 pack

Sound Families Long Vowels Non-Fiction Phase 5.5 - 6 pack

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This set of non-fiction Sound Families decodable readers covers long vowels (/ai/ /ee/ /igh/ /oa/ /oo/ and /y-oo/). There are two titles for each sound. Within each reader, alternative spellings are provided (graphemes) for the target sound (phoneme). Children can identify the target sound in the text quickly as they have been highlighted and then compare the spelling across the sound family. Other words included are decodable at the phase level as well as common exception words in accordance to the progression.

The set includes 6 x 12 non-fiction readers with clear photographic images.

Year 2
Age 5+
Book Band Gold (Fluency 4)
Guided Reading Level K
Reading Level 19 - 21

Book #

Book Title


Sound Family


Great Apes


ai, ay, a-e, a, ey, ea


Afraid of Snakes


ai, ay, a-e, a, ey, ea


We Need Bees


ee, e-e, eo, e, y, ie, ea


The Seasons


ee, ea, e-e, e, y, ie


Bright Ideas


igh, i-e, i, y, eye, other


Deserts Are Dry


igh, i, y, i-e, other


The Volcano Smokes


ow, oe, o-e, o


Growing Your Bones


ow, o-e, o, ough, oa


Hot Air Balloons


oo, ue, ew, u-e, ough, o


Play the Flute


oo, ue, o-e, u-e, ough


The Universe


ue, u-e, u, eau


The Future of Music


ew, u, y, u-e

Reading Journey

Phase 1 (Phonemic Awareness) is the understanding that the spoken word can be broken up into small units of sounds that can in term be manipulated. Key operations taught are blending and segmenting sounds. Early skills are developed through rhyming and alliteration.

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