Phase 6 Spelling Workbook
Phase 6 Spelling Workbook

Phase 6 Spelling Workbook

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Learn to read, write and spell at home or at school, all while having fun! Spelling Workbook activities progress week by week around Phase 6 of the Letters & Sounds systematic phonics programme. This workbook supports children as they begin to learn the 44 letter sounds of the English language. The Spelling Workbook has been designed for 6+ year olds, and is the sixth of six workbooks that together form the Letters & Sounds Workbook programme. As your child begins to sound out words in each activity, they will also develop their skills in reading and spelling, while having fun at the same time! Includes progressive map and achievement stickers. 

Year 3
Age  6+


Reading Journey

Not ready for Phase 6?

At Phase 5 (Vowel Sounds), students will broaden their knowledge of letter sounds for use in reading and spelling. They will learn new alternative ways to spell particular vowel sounds.

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